Welcome to Wakefield Film Society

If you like films and you live in West Yorkshire — or even if you're just visiting — this is for you. We show a wide range of films of different genres and from around the world — non-mainstream films which are unlikely to be seen at a local cinema. There's no popcorn; no jumbo-sized drinks; no adverts and no trailers. Just good films shown in a friendly and welcoming environment. You can see the sort of films we show in our reviews section — just follow the links.

We'll be announcing our programme for next season in August or early September. The first film will be in late September 2015.

To be added to our mailing list, send an e-mail to: wakefs@gmail.com


  1. Sunshine on Leith tomorrow night - Unity Works poster says 'doors 7.30'. Is that accurate? What time does the film actually start please?

  2. Irene, I'm sorry I didn't see your comment until today - Wednesday 29th. All our shows start at 7:30pm with doors open at 7. I'll check with the Unity Works people and ask them to show that in their posters. Sorry for any confusion. I hope you made it to the film and enjoyed it.

  3. I am sorry that my description of Calvary as a very black comedy was a little misleading...more a tragedy but I didn't want to give away the shock ending!